This is the Life!! (Week 1)

I think I would like to start weekly updates. I don’t always have the time to sit and reflect, but I think it’s the time to make the time!

This week was busy. We took an hour drive for an appointment. We were pleased with the results and can’t wait to hear back. Hubs went out to my aunt’s house to help her a good bit. This is also a good drive (this is what we get for being ruralites). He fixed her fence and went through some paperwork we needed for the above-mentioned appointment. Sorry to be vague, just can’t be too careful right now. ❤

At home, things are fantastic. We found loads of new resources for homeschooling. We are primarily focused on the two older boys for home school and offering coloring sheets to my 3 year old. He seems to be a lot more focused now than when we started. I’m very happy with his progress. At the beginning of our home school year, he was still very uncommunicative. He wanted to point and expected us to understand. Now he is using sentences and crying a lot less. He can say numbers. He just can’t always say them in order and I’m okay with that!

My oldest is struggling with multiplication a little. I am aiming to work with him on a more mental math focus. We found some Minecraft multiplication flash cards on Pinterest and I am excited to print them out for him! My kindergartner is doing great. His scissor skills are improving and he’s starting to recognize words a lot. He LOVES when I print out new readers for him.

Baby is just a joy to be around. He is returning smiles very big, starting to pout when he’s extra tired and as a new development he’s starting to laugh. Mommy found his tickle spots and we discovered the baby in the mirror this week. He had the best time with him tonight and just laughed and grinned and talked to him. It is the best thing to watch them grow. ❤

The hubs had dug a spot in the yard last week and we decided to change the position so we got out and dug some more this week. We really do great as a team and knocked it out pretty quick. With all the rain lately, it filled up real quick so we’ll have to drain it before we get a liner and all that and get it filled up with good water. He pulled some awesome rocks out of a friend’s creek that has some good moss on it. I’m so excited to see it get closer to finished.

This weekend, we’ll see a freeze, so we harvested the rest of our beans and tomatoes. I’m sad to see the end of our garden. We had a really exciting year.

Daddy had the boys work on a diorama for Thanksgiving. Are you ready for the theme? *drum roll please!*




If you guessed Minecraft ~ You guessed right! Our world revolves around Minecraft. They had a fantastic time cutting all the pieces together and we helped them glue everything and set some things up.

Tomorrow is a new day and starts a new week. What are your plans for the week? Thanksgiving is coming up and we can’t wait. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish. I think mine has to be the pumpkin pie and guess what I learned how to make from scratch this year? Maybe I’ll blog about it ~_^ Stay tuned!

With Love, Light and Laughter.
Fare Well,