Creation Challenge of 2016

Crafting new things has always been a passion of mine. I greatly enjoy bow making. I don’t sell them often, so I do it primarily for fun. In fact, I have a few I am considering donating for Christmas.

I also enjoy making jewelry, headbands and I bought a new vinyl plotter this year and have greatly enjoyed making personalized items for the boys for school.


I have considered giving this up from time to time. It’s not a cheap hobby or business, that’s for sure. It also takes up a great deal of time if I don’t manage it well.

Hubs asked me to take a step back from it and focus on the boys (since we are homeschooling), but he doesn’t want me to have to give it up entirely. So I’m making it a goal to make one or two items a day. A bow or a necklace, what have you, just something to take pictures of and post.

I think it’s a great idea. It’ll give me something that’s still mine (since I had to give up reading for a little while) and it will start giving me some consistency in posting.

Who’s ready to join me! Whether or not you sell or just do it for gifting ~ I would really love seeing what you have to make!


Breaking Free of Financial Complexities


As the new year approaches, I am finding myself ready to break free of any kind of financial burden. I have decided to set goals, not only in self improvement, but in income and financial responsibility. We have been kind of going with the flow for the last couple of years and I think it’s time to be proactive and get the party started so to speak.

So… my plan is…. *drum roll pleaseeee* a budget. Seems fairly simple right? It is in the “normal” world, but we are a highly irregular family. We don’t ever have a paycheck waiting on us at the end of the week. So through December I’m going to analyze what we spend money on. I’ll be honest, though. I didn’t learn the best spending habits. So, I’ll be doing research. ((~*I love research… believe it or not…. suppose that makes me a nerd… bahaha… oooohhh well*~))

I’ve read a good bit about Dave Ramsey’s financial techniques and I really like them. There are a lot of fantastic wallets that you can purchase on Etsy to employ this technique as well. Me, I just use the good old fashioned snail mail envelopes. Although, I may bravely step out of my shell and try a tutorial for one…. can’t be that hard for a crafty chick like me. That was one of my greatest joys growing up ~ crafts with my great grandma ~ bless her heart.

I may branch out and look a little harder at coupons. I’m not a huge fan of coupons, but I do have 3 in diapers, so we do at least try and remember to use those when we find them. I, however, cannot do extreme couponing. I cut my costs in other ways. We make our own powdered detergents ~ washing and dish washing, we use a pretty cheap soap (some people like it, other’s don’t), and I enjoy baking things quite a bit now. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t coupon as often ~ most of the coupons I see are for processed and/or frozen items and we don’t keep much of those items around any more.

So, I’m hoping to set an achievable goal for each month next year and start paying off some of our debt. There are some student loans in my name and some old business debt that we really could be free of. I’m not really looking to bring up my credit score because I’d like to do business without credit, to be frank. I’m just ready for freedom ❤

What do you do to help save? Who’s joining me on Operation: Financial Freedom?